Astounding Scarb Jewellery From Egypt

Egyptian Scarab Jewelry History & Symbolizm

The scarab beetle is a huge symbolic motif in Egyptian jewelry for centuries.
The scarab is really a symbol of regeneration and rebirth, thus scarab jewelry
was considered to bring protection, luck and vitality towards the wearer.
Egyptian soldiers were given scarabs before going into battle. Women were
given scarabs for fertility. Scarab beads and designs were commonly fashioned
into bracelets, pendants and rings.
Scarab jewelry was developed from the number of stones and materials.
Archeologists have discovered types of scarab beads and artifacts made out of
clay, soapstone, green basalt, glass, bone, silver and gold coins, wood,
semi-precious gemstones and a lot of other types of stone. The colors of
scarabs were symbolic so plain stone was often glazed or enameled in bright
colors. The most common colors seen in enameled scarab jewelry were green
(symbolizing new life), blue (to the sky along with the River Nile), and red
(for that sun). In addition to enamels, brightly coloured semi-precious gemstones were used in scarab making jewelry including lapis lazuli, amethyst, carnelian, agate, jasper, onyx and turquoise. Today, scarab jewelry is still produced from gemstones, enameled check here for items materials, and gold and silver.
The symbolism in scarab jewelry derives primarily from the association with the
Egyptian god with the rising sun, Khepri. One type of scarab, the "Sacred Scarab"
or dung beetle, lays its eggs inside a ball of dung which it rolls across the
ground lastly in to a click here hole where the eggs hatch and new beetles emerge from.
This scarab was seen as the earthly representation of Khepri in that it had
been believed that this god rolled the sun's rays over the sky daily, thus
renewing life. The scarab can be linked to astrology and may have preceded
the crab since the symbol we all know as Cancer.
Scarabs were also used in ancient Egypt for protection within the afterlife.
Large "heart scarabs" click here with hieroglyphic inscriptions around the underside,
were placed Unique Egyptian Gifts Here over the chest of the deceased inside the tomb. They were also
within place of the heart in mummified bodies. These heart scarabs were thought
to protect the dead within the final judgment. The most famous of these was a
chest or "pectoral" scarab found in Thebes inside the tomb of King Tutankhamen.
Today, heart scarabs are valued for ornamental purposes, and lots of still bear
hieroglyphs and symbolic carvings about the underside.
Since Egyptian background and art remain studied today, the fascination with the scarab continues. Scarab jewelry and decor continue to be stated in Egypt and by craftsmen worldwide.
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